Turkana competition urfes

Turkana competition urfes

Turkana competition urfes

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Ideal for fishing any amount of hooks below the lead. Simply attach the weight on one end, shockleader on to the other and snood or rigs to the swivel.

A small wire length holding a lead link at one end and swivel at the other to stop any twist in flight or on the retrieve , running in between are 2 beads and a snood swivel .So these are like a complete one hook rig in the palm of your hand ,attach the snood and your fishing . The beauty of these is the neatness. The Urfe’s have a tubing cover at both ends to stop this problem ,this neatness also helps no end in weedy conditions .Clipped straight to your leader great distance casting can be achieved even with long snoods as it is almost like casting just a plain lead .You can also build you normal flapper rigs using the Urfe for your lower snood and lead link.


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